TextSoap 8.0.3 (Mac OS X)

Published On: 11-08-2016, 03:19

TextSoap 8.0.3 (Mac OS X) | 12MB
TextSoap is for people who work with text.

TextSoap effortlessly cleans up text from endlessly different formats. Wash away unwanted characters, spaces, tabs. Fix paragraphs with hard returns at the end of each line, as well as a myriad of other formatting issues that come your way and do it all while retaining desired font styles.
Unlike finding and replacing each of dozens of typical formatting issues or manually perusing through a file to find errors and fixing them by hand, TextSoap can automate that task down to just one click. And you can do it all from within your favorite app using the TextSoap Universal menu.
Easy to learn for casual users, TextSoap also has the flexibility that serious users need.
Version 8.0.3:

New: Added support to drag cleaner and library files onto TextSoap icon (in dock) to import them. Will bring up the importer window and add the files.
New: If clipboard workspace window was closed, clicking on app icon will re-load the clipboard workspace.
Bug Fixes
Fixed: Regular expressions could find a zero length match, which caused extra, and incorrect, replace actions.
Fixed: Regular expressions did not always recognize when options (multiline, dot matches) were set.
Fixed: New documents do not remember last size set.
Fixed: Quitting with open custom cleaner editor could lose changes made.
Fixed: Launching TextSoap app via 3rd party launcher after it was used by TextSoap Menu now works correctly.
Added: New Advanced preference option added to enable larger toolbar buttons. When enabled (relaunch required), app will use regular size action buttons and revert to the older style ruler (with slightly bigger icons).
Changed: Add note to TextSoap Menu preferences to remind users that TextSoap Menu is required to for global keyboard shortcuts to be enabled.
Changed: Keyboard shortcut for accessing Custom Cleaners and Groups is now cmd-0.
Changed: TextSoap will now restart TextSoap Menu at launch if it was "installed" but the user quit it manually.
Changed: Find fields can be grown with new slider on Find & other actions.
Changed: Replace fields will automatically grow (2x) if Find field is made larger.
Changed: Added resizing sliders to Text Extract, Note, Insert Text actions.
Changed: Added an "Edit List Data" button to the batch actions, renamed toolbar button "Lists" to "List Data".
New: New content-focused interface. Stripped away a lot of the interface chrome.
New: Regular expression syntax coloring and validation to quickly spot common errors.
New: Customize Navigator provides simple access to user's' customized data
New: Easily import/export multiple cleaners with libraries.
New: Many of the customer requested cleaners added.
Improved: Rewritten custom cleaner editor.
Improved: Custom group editor.
Improved: TextSoap Menu options now integreated into preferences.
Text Editor
New: Option to show line numbers.
New: Option to toggle whether text wraps to window.
New: Supports opening/saving these file types:
Microsoft Word 97 (.doc) Document
Microsoft Word 2003 (.xml) Document
Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) Document
OpenDocument Text (.odt) Document
Note: Conversion of these file types is limited to same level of functionality supported by TextEdit.
New: Commands to move selected line(s) up & down (#513).
New: Command to select line/paragraph at cursor (#516).
New: Paste Over Command (#484).
New: Live preview merges shows interactive matches, including regular expressions.
New: Captured group results are now available for each match (when using regular expressions).
Improved: Word count handling, esp. in very large documents.
Improved: Find/Cleaner palette sidebar is now resizable.
Sidebar (Assistant)
Cleaner List
Filter applies to current group and also appends any matches from library.
Group names are now sorted within each category (built-in, user).
Library cleaners are now sorted.
Live Preview shows you matches as you type (integrated Regex Lab from TextSoap 7).
Syntax highlighter for regular expressions and replacement strings.
Highlights common errors found in expressions (such as unmatched parentheses, incomplete properties, character classes).
Option to display captured values of expression matches.
Customize Navigator
New: Navigator provides simple point access to:
New: Import/Export of Cleaners & Libraries
New: Save multiple cleaners into a single Library file.
New: Import multiple cleaners from a single Library file.
Edit custom cleaners
Edit custom groups
New Cleaners Added
Normalize Dates to MM-DD-YYYY Format cleaner.
Normalize Dates to DD-MM-YYYY Format cleaner.
Normalize Dates to YYYY-MM-DD Format cleaner.
Capitalize Lines : Useful for song lyrics or various lists, takes each line and capitalizes it.
Fix Jammed Words : attempts to fix up words that are jammed together. It uses the spell check to look at words marked as misspelled that could be fixed by simply adding a space between them.
Reverse All Characters
Reverse Word Order
Reverse Characters in Each Word
Word Count - Notification : uses OS X User Notification to display word count of selected text.
Word Count - Remove All Notifications : removes all TextSoap word count notifications.
Strip Diacritic Marks : strip off any diacritic marks from text. ü becomes u, é becomes e, etc.
Make Unicode Names : convert unicode characters to their unicode name.
OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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