TextSoap 8.1 MacOSX

Published On: 19-08-2016, 14:40

TextSoap 8.1 MacOSX | 9.4 MB

Automatically remove unwanted characters, fix messed up carriage returns, and pretty much anything else you can think. Save time & effort. Be more productive. Stop manually fixing text documents and emails. TextSoap can automate away all that tediousness.
- Clean Interface
- Integrated Text Editor
- 100+ Built-in Cleaners
- Powerful Regular Expression Support
- Custom Cleaners for customized solutions
- Custom Grouping for personal organization
- TextSoap Menu integrates into your favorite app
- AppleScript support

Fresh Interface
TextSoap has a fresh, new interface. We stripped off all the "chrome" to focus on your content, whether you are working with text, or building custom cleaners.

Improved Text Editor
TextSoap focuses on processing text, but sometimes you need a text editor too. It includes great new options like showing line numbers and being able to toggle wrapping of lines.

Built-in Cleaners
TextSoap offers up a large collection of more than 100 built-in cleaners. These cleaners can address your text issue completely, or serve as building blocks for a customized text processing solution.

Live Text Matching
Live text matching is great for trying out regular expressions. As you type in a valid expression, it shows you all the matches in your text. See exactly how matches come up.

Expanded Import/Export
Sharing cleaners means it is easier to create solutions for others, or use solutions others have created. New library files allow exporting multiple cleaners within a single file.

New Custom Cleaner Editor
Sometimes your specific text problem requires customize solution. The powerful new custom cleaner editor comes to the rescue, all with a simple drag-n-drop approach.

Color Coded Actions
Color coded actions make it easy to look at a custom cleaner definition and understand which actions are doing what.

Regex Syntax Highlighting
Regular Expressions are a powerful way to find text. The new syntax highlighting helps you understand those expressions better. And the new expression validator makes it easier than ever to spot any potential errors.

Whats new in 8.1:
* QuickClean Menu - QuickClean lets you use cmd-1 thru cmd-9 to quickly access your favorite cleaners. Select a group and cmd-1 thru cmd-9 will be mapped to the first nine cleaners within that group. Change the group and instantly change the cleaners mapped to each shortcut. See which mappings, select Text > QuickClean menu. Create custom group for complete control over cmd-1 thru cmd-9 shortcuts within TextSoap.

* Search History keeps a history of your manual searches
Access your history in interactive finds
Access items in find/replace actions within custom cleaners
Insert Special Text Characters option. Insert tabs, returns, regex metacharacters, etc.
Now has popup menu for various categories
Added properties categories for ICU p{Property} and POSIX [:Property:] formats
Negate or Use Long Names ({Letter} vs p{L}) when specifying properties
Optionally capture given sequence
Specify count (1, 0+, 1+, N, N+, N-M) for given sequence
Toolbar icons added to clipboard Workspace and documents. Customize cleaners/groups action moved to the top.
Highlight Current Line option now available for text editor.

* New Cleaners
Fixup macOS name -- converts 'Mac OS X', 'OS X' to 'macOS'
Reverse Line Order
Remove All Spaces
Remove All Whitespace

* Preferences have been reworked
New Text Editor preferences controls default settings for clipboard workspace and new text documents
Added preference option to set showing current line on new text editors
Appearance pane controls color for invisibles and current line, and action color style as well as toolbar display options
New default document type is now in General preferences
TextSoap Menu Shortcut Actions improvements
Replaced popup menu with a popover.
Added a filter option for cleaners to apply.

* Custom Cleaner Editor
Text Fields in actions now auto-size based on the text entered
The delete (X) icon was removed from each action. To remove an action, select it and select Edit > Delete in menu, or press Delete key
User Note actions no longer have an enable button (there is no action performed for notes)
You can now enter returns inside a User Note action
Find/Replace actions now have a color associated with them (purple)
Macro List definition is now a variant of Cyan
New icons for custom cleaner toolbar

* 'Capitialize Common Tech Names' now correctly fixes up multi-word tech names like 'OS X El Capitan', 'iPhone 6s Plus' and 'MacBook Pro'
* Current text field changes were not committed when clicking preview in custom cleaner

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later

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